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Succeeding the Rhino Way 

Success begins with you. Our team is, and always will be, the heart of our company.


Our Values

Be Ethical Our procedures are built on ethical behavior, ensuring the highest standards of integrity in all commercial activities. We prioritize transparency and accountability, fostering open communication and collaboration throughout our organization.

Be Collaborative At Rhino, we prioritize teamwork and cooperation, recognizing their crucial role in our success. We value building strong connections to foster collaboration and a family-like atmosphere within our corporate culture, believing it fosters individual success.


Be Innovative and Adaptable We aim to be an innovative workplace, anticipating future trends and fostering a dynamic environment that boosts productivity while supporting our employees' evolving needs. Our goal is to lead in workplace innovation by embracing new trends and technologies, promoting flexibility, creativity, and work-life balance.

Be Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility Our company is committed to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. We prioritize reducing our environmental impact, conserving resources, and tackling climate change through sustainable practices. We also support local social initiatives to drive positive change and empower the disadvantaged.

You Matter Our aim is to create a people-focused business that empowers employees through ongoing education and enrichment. We're committed to fostering individual growth, ensuring safety, supporting the well-being of our communities, clients, and employees alike, while also striving to exceed traditional organizational structures.



Champions of

Speak to any Rhino employee and you'll repeatedly hear phrases like team mindset, collaboration, opportunity, and pride. At Rhino, we've diligently fostered a culture that we call Team Rhino, a place where ideas are cherished and contributions are acknowledged. Our annual Champions of Rhino event honors the outstanding achievements of our top performers and inspires excellence among employees globally. Join the movement!

Team High Five

I base our success on people having the ability to take initiative"

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Raymundo Aguilar

Managing Director

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