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Abrasive Brushes

Abrasive brushes, constructed with rough material strands, are utilized with power tools for various surface treatments including polishing, deburring, cleaning, smoothing, finishing, or buffing, as well as for removing rust, paint, scale, and welding spatter. Wire wheel brushes are designed for detailed work on small surfaces and intricate parts, while cup brushes use a circular bristle arrangement to tackle large, shaped surfaces. End brushes feature a compact head with dense bristles ideal for accessing narrow spaces within pipes, recessed machine parts, and molds. Disc brushes are used to handle expansive flat surfaces. Power tube brushes are specifically made for cleaning and deburring blind, pass-through, smooth, and threaded holes in machined parts. Honing brushes, equipped with nylon bristles that have abrasive-coated spheres at their tips, are used to refine and cleanse the inner surfaces of bores from oxidation and other residues.

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