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Titomic TKF 1000 Modular Additive Manufacturing System

Titomic TKF 1000 Modular Additive Manufacturing System



Our systems are specifically designed to your needs and engineered to reduce lead times, maximise uptime, cut material costs and enhance performance. So, you can add greater efficiencyto your operations and unlock new material possibilities – to maximize production and profitability. 

From prototyping to R&D, small-run production and on-demand manufacturing, our fully customizable Titomic Kinetic Fusion Additive Manufacturing (TKF AM) systems bring the limitless possibilities of high-pressure cold spray technology and more to your factory floor – without making your existing equipment obsolete. 

How It Works 
High-pressure cold spray technology makes it quicker, easier, safer and more sustainable to produce multi-metal, high-performance parts on demand – saving time, costs and waste while reducing risk. 

This revolutionary process rapidly deposits strong metals, alloys and other specialty materials at low temperatures. So, they retain their intrinsic properties without needing to be melted. 

By integrating this advanced technology into your existing systems, you can produce new parts with maximum uptime. 

Common Applications
Titomic’s turnkey TKF AM systems harness cold spray technologies together with machines, materials, software and robotics (backed by training and support) to produce better-performing parts for a variety of applications in high-pressure environments: 

Produce large multi-metal barrels that are lighter and offer better corrosion and erosion performance than traditional techniques. 
Produce stronger, lighter, thinner and corrosion resistant near-net shape faceplates – with reduced welding, assembly and lead times. 
Produce larger, lightweight titanium armour at a competitive price point. 
Replace complex and costly welded assemblies with single-piece structures. 


  • Specifications


      • Designed for easy operation and user experience
      • Scratch-proof, polycarbonate viewing panels
      • Easy access points for connecting services
      • Fully insulated composite panel cell walls
      • Automate Bi-parting loading door with sealing system


      • Particles and operating gas extracted via floor
      • Removable non-slip grating panels
      • Simple connection to existing dust collector with signal interfacing
      • Ducted powder feed area for reloading and continuous operation


      • Plug and play integrated housekeeping vacuum
      • Hi-vacuum to single collection point
      • 5m max anti-static vacuum hose
      • 250m3/hr at 15 kPa


      • Counter levered linear bearing mounts
      • Component T-slot mounting table
      • Precise servo-driven positioning
      • Integrated component weight measuring and logging
      • Removable stainless steel covers
      • Cable chain for carrying component cables


      • Co-ordinated movement, speed control and positioning
      • 500mm table diameter
      • Max. speed 180RPM
  • Features

    • Large scale metal additive manufacturing
    • Synchronised 6-Axis Robotics, Servo Positioning and TKF Controls
    • Intuitive touch panel interface
    • Protective sound-dampening booth
  • Return Policy

    Our customer service representatives are educated and always willing to assist you in locating the ideal tool for your application. We want your purchase to fulfill all of your expectations.

    Because many of our tools are subject to manufacturer re-stocking costs, please choose wisely and don't hesitate to contact us for advice if you're unsure. We will always work with you to make returns and exchanges simple. Reach out to our fantastic Customer Care Team at (888)830-RHINO.

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